Steady Nuggin' On Solana Since 2022..

Thugnugz is a community of decentralized chicken nuggets born out of a meme and minted as NFTs on the Solana Blockchain with two simple goals: provide value to holders and stay nuggin!

But ser, what is a nug?


Thugnugz is an exclusive collection of 709 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each NFT within the collection takes on the characteristics of a “thugnug” and is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible that gives holders exclusive access to the nugz web3 ecosystem and earns them $SAUCE token.

$SAUCE is the thugnugz utility token that is passively earned by holders via staking and can be used within the thugnugz ecosystem to:

Buy NFTs
Mint new projects
1 of 1s
Trait upgrades
Merch & Products
Event Access
Nugz BBQ Sauce
+ More

nug up or
shut up!

You know you want ‘em, so here’s how to get 'em. First, you'll need to setup a Solana wallet. Thugnugz can be purchased with $SOL or through Stripe with a credit card. Any questions? Don't worry, it's easy, we got you!

Step by Step buyers guide
Ready to nug? 

nugz community

Thugnugz is an active NFT community connecting people from around the world. Members discuss art, projects, business, investment, music, and more. They are active on Twitter (X) and Discord, and organize events and meetups.

Nugz Networking-
Thugnugz is a great place to learn about the NFT space, network, and stay up to date on the latest projects and trends. Passionate and knowledgeable thugnugz members are always willing to help each other out!

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nugzmap 1.0

December 2022
thugnugz - SOLD OUT
Mint out 709 thugged out chicken nuggets for the dollar value meme price of $1. Give half of 'em away to the solana OGs on twitter.
December 2022
$SAUCE token
Mint 777M $SAUCE utility tokens. Sauce can be earned as a reward for staking, raids, giveaways, and airdrops.
December 2022
dao & utility
Build discord community, establish council, form DAO. DAO members get access to exclusive alpha, whitelists, raffles, giveaways and more.
January 2023
nug/art series
Create and launch nugz sub collection to spotlight and support community members art and music through regular 1/1 and edition collaborations. Airdrop unique items to holders.
nugz marketplace
Provide nugz holders an alternative to centralized exchanges by developing a decentralized marketplace where holders can buy and sell NFT's using $SAUCE, $SOL, or with a Credit Card.
Community Run
merch store
Design and manufacture a extra drippy collection of custom designed apparel and accessories for holders and normies to flex Nugz irl.
In Beta
art upgrades
Offer exclusive traits upgrades, 1/1s, and awakenings using $SAUCE. Upgraded nugz climb in rank with each upgrade, top ranked nugz get increased daily rewards. Gotta stay drippin' to kick it.
animated shorts series
Utilize the talents and guidance of the nugz community to produce an animated shorts series to support the brand and expand nugz ip!
Lunch time liquidity
Provide holders with an opportunity buy and sell reward tokens with a $SAUCE liquidity pool.
nugz bbq sauce brand
Bring to the market a line of premium dipping sauces with global distribution and affiliate network for passive income opportunities.
into the sauce-verse

but ser!!!

I'm a No0b and still have questions

A saucy set of degens and builders

Jackson DeLeon
Strategic Partnerships
Meta Dave
Nugrow Records